April 17, 2021

Dear Long Island Professionals,

I hope everyone is having a great weekend. This email is to inform you of our new FB group and various other social media accounts:

Facebook Group

Long Island Professionals on Twitter

Long Island Professionals on Instagram

I am also looking for volunteers to be featured in our “Member Spotlight” as we did with Rich Rivkin. If you have any interest please contact me directly.


In a statement posted on Facebook by Nassau County Executive Laura Curran:

“With approximately 1/3 of Nassau County fully inoculated and almost 2/3 of adults having received one shot, we are beginning to see the positive impact of our State-leading vaccination campaign”.

Long Island Professionals will continue to follow all Covid19 rules and regulations. However, tickets for our Fogo events may now be purchased at the venue instead of in advance. I only ask that you continue to RSVP on the meetup page.


Peter Alizio (Organizer)