Member Spotlight: Rich Rivkin

It is only appropriate that Rich Rivkin is our first Member Spotlight. For those of you who don’t know Rich, he was our previous meetup organizer and was excellent!  Professionally, Rich, is the president of Enviro-Disposal Group and has managed more than 3,000 projects involving transportation & disposal of contaminated soils. When Rich is not working he is attending or promoting Long Island Music Festivals and Events. You can connect with Rich on Linkedin, or by visiting his website at

Rich Rivkin Interview: 

Question – I viewed your website, I did not realize how active you are in the local music scene. Can you tell me a little about “Rich Rivkin Presents?”

Answer – Sure thing, I am an environmental consultant by profession [specializing in transportation, disposal, recycling, and re-use of contaminated soils and environmentally regulated materials], and event organizing has been my hobby and passion project since 2001. my roster of events has included 46 outdoor music festivals, plus over 300 indoor events involving live music, art, and business networking.

Question– What is your favorite type of music?

Answer – Jazz, jazz fusion, and the jam band genre.

Question – What is your favorite band?


Question – What is your favorite local band?

AnswerBaked Shrimp

Question – Do you have a favorite annual music Festival?

AnswerJam Cruise

Question – If I wanted to go to a local music festival this summer is there anything worth checking out?

Answer – Prior to Covid, I’d recommend all four of Long Island’s annual festivals: Great Southbay Music Festival, Bradstock, Woodstock Revival, and Grateful Fest.

Follow Up Question – What type of crowd would I encounter? Any pretty girls/women? (sorry, I had to ask!).

Answer – Woodstock Revival and Grateful Fest always attract a uniquely friendly audience, clad in tie dye, with a lot of dancing and hugging. (and, yes!)

Question – Rich, you are not an old man, but what is your greatest accomplishment, contribution, or story at this point in your life with regards to the Long Island music scene?

Answer – I am perhaps proudest of the consistently cool/peaceful/happy vibe that is unique to the festivals I produce (Woodstock Revival and Grateful Fest).

Question – Rich, you promote some very cool events. What made you want to host a business networking meetup group?

Answer – I’m always interested in expanding my horizons in new and unexpected ways, and you never know who’s going to walk next through the door. This can be an exciting prospect with unlimited potential.

Question – Did you enjoy being the Organizer of Long Island professionals? Can you tell us about the good and bad of running a meetup group?

Answer – I did enjoy the experience, especially some of the events that were well attended, plus the friendships that I made along the way.

Question – Can you give me any advice on how to run this meetup group?

Answer – It makes sense to always have future events scheduled so that will continue to feature them in their calendar, as this will attract new members on an ongoing basis. Supplemental promotion via social media, especially facebook is also worthwhile.

Question – If anyone wants to contact you what is the best way?

Answer – email:, or via facebook messenger.

Wrapping it Up 

Unfortunately, this interview was done via email because of the current COVID-19 pandemic. After going back and forth a couple of times, I realized this interview needed to be done in person and over beers!  Well anyway, I would like to thank Rich for his past contributions to our group and agreeing to this interview.