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Aug 20
Should Your Business Be Sponsoring Events?

Are you looking to get more exposure for your business? Have you already tried traditional print and online advertising mediums but feel like you’ve hit diminishing returns? It might be time to step things up a notch and consider the tried and true Hosting or Sponsoring approach. Hosting or Sponsoring a local event or meetup […]

Jul 31
How to Prepare for a Zoom Meeting: Checklist for Speakers

Republished with permission of Connected Culture, Inc. original article can be found here. Learning how to prepare for Zoom meetings and virtual presentations will enable you to comfortably and confidently deliver engaging messages with impact. This 8-point-guide serves as your foundation for impactful and professional online meetings. 1. Your Internet Speed (Bandwidth) Internet speed, known as […]

May 19
Best Practices for Working With Your Accountant

Reach out early. Get in touch with your accountant sooner rather than later. The tax deadline is in April, but you should never wait until April to call your accountant. You have to remember that they have several tax returns to file every year, so the earlier you give them your financial documents, the better. […]