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Jul 31
How to Prepare for a Zoom Meeting: Checklist for Speakers

Republished with permission of Connected Culture, Inc. original article can be found here. Learning how to prepare for Zoom meetings and virtual presentations will enable you to comfortably and confidently deliver engaging messages with impact. This 8-point-guide serves as your foundation for impactful and professional online meetings. 1. Your Internet Speed (Bandwidth) Internet speed, known as […]

Jun 12
Why, I Learned WordPress

Why, I Learned WordPress My Initial Reason Once upon a time, I had a website professionally created for my business. I was happy with the final product. However, I soon realized that making even the smallest of changes to the website was a process.  I could not do anything without my website developer.  I remember […]

May 27
Can A Facebook Page Be A Substitute For A Business Website?

There are companies that do business without a website.  The owners of these companies may not see the value in building and maintaining a website.  Some businesses have set up a Facebook page as an alternative to creating a website. Why not?  I mean Facebook is the largest social media platform. It is easy to […]