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Why, I Learned WordPress

My Initial Reason

Once upon a time, I had a website professionally created for my business. I was happy with the final product. However, I soon realized that making even the smallest of changes to the website was a process.  I could not do anything without my website developer.  I remember finding a spelling mistake and waiting weeks for the web developer to correct it. It was at that moment, I realized, I needed the ability to make changes to my website.

What is WordPress

Per Wikipedia, WordPress is a free and open-source content management system. WordPress features include a plugin architecture and a template system referred to as themes.  This open-source model allows any developer the ability to create plugins and themes that are compatible with WordPress.  These Third-party premium plugins and themes may be purchased online at market places like themeforrest.net.

Plugin: It is easy to think of a plugin as an “add on” to your initial factory stock website.  To illustrate, if you want to add a “slider” to the home page of your website, this can be accomplished using a plugin.  If you search for slider plugins, you would find Smart SliderMetaSlider, and many others.  All you would have to do is select, download, and activate plugin, and poof you got a slider on your website! 

Theme: A theme is a template that can be used to build a website.  A theme will affect the look, feel, and functionality of a website.  

Why WordPress

Everyone is Doing it! You will not regret jumping on the wordpress bandwagon! WordPress is currently the most popular cms system and said to power approximately 1/3 of all websites. Why does this matter? Due to this considerable market share tons of companies have developed 3rd party plugins that integrate with wordpress. Additionally, since everyone works with WordPress, it is very easy to find affordable hosting and technical help.

No “Coding” – You can build a WordPress website without having any coding (HTML, CSS, PHP) experience.

What Will You Accomplish With WordPress?

I am able to do the following:

  • Create Websites
  • Online & Digital Marketing 
  • Content Marketing – I write and share informative posts and articles.
  • Email Marketing – I can collect email information of website visitors.
  • Promote Events – I can create an event calendar and promote online.
  • Credit Card Processing Clients can make online payments to me via my website.
  • Schedule Appointments – Clients can schedule appointments with me using my website.

I made this website -> A-1 Realty Management

I learned WordPress & So Should You!