Member Profile: Mitchell A Gerson

About Mitchell A Gerson

Recruitment Marketing and Advertising, Industry Expert
CEO - The Gerson Agency, Recruitment Marketing

Having worked as an industry leader at the top four Recruitment Ad Agencies that exist today - I decided to pull together the best in the business to create The Gerson Agency.

Today, we're helping companies of all sizes including a number of brands you'd instantly recognize (both global and US based.)

We are a full-service Recruitment Advertising Agency and offer:

• Programmatic Recruitment Marketing (PPC) including full analytics
• Career Website Design/Programming
• Employer Branding
• Talent Analytics, Planning, and Analysis.

Our New York-based creative & digital marketing team offers full Advertising Agency services that are all in-house.

Abilities include complete web design/programming, video production, animation, remarketing campaigns, SEO/SEM, voiceovers, print & digital production, and literally so much more.