Long Island Business Blog

May 27
Can A Facebook Page Be A Substitute For A Business Website?

There are companies that do business without a website.  The owners of these companies may not see the value in building and maintaining a website.  Some businesses have set up a Facebook page as an alternative to creating a website. Why not?  I mean Facebook is the largest social media platform. It is easy to […]

May 24
Get Your Local Business Found Online

RIP Phone Books! Nowadays, when people search for a product or service, they “google it.” To illustrate, if a pipe is damaged, I would google “plumber” or “mineola plumber,” and in seconds, I have a list of local plumbers.  Access to this information is great for me and the plumber who gets my business.  But, […]

May 22
Why Join Our Meetup Group

About Meetup (meetup.com) Meetup is a service used to organize online groups that host in-person events for people with similar interests. Joining a meetup group is equivalent to joining a network or community.     Long Island Professionals Meetup Group Is a Long Island based group that meets on the last Thursday of every month […]

May 19
Best Practices for Working With Your Accountant

Reach out early. Get in touch with your accountant sooner rather than later. The tax deadline is in April, but you should never wait until April to call your accountant. You have to remember that they have several tax returns to file every year, so the earlier you give them your financial documents, the better. […]